Unclog Toilet

How to Unclog/Unblock Clogged Marine Boat/Yacht Toilet Bowl Drain Solutions.
No chemicals required. Easy hassle free, NO MESS, very inexpensive
Environment Friendly DIY solutions. No need to replace existing pipework

Magnetic water treatment / conditioner advanced technology


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Unblock toilet

We so confident with our products
"because we know they work!"
that's why we offer a
Lifetime Guarantee

Which means
you never need replace any of our products
Money-Back Guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied

Here is an easy, VERY CHEAP

Clogged Toilet Fix

Solution for you

Clogged Toilet

Blocked Toilet:

Having problems on your boat with a blocked toilet? Look no futher.
Easy, simple clogged toilet solutions. I have a boat of my own on the Thames, London, south of Heathrow airport. I came up with the dreaded problem finding the toilet keeps clogging up, only to find it wasn't a clogged toilet bowl but a clogged toilet drain pipe which had built up calcification inside the pipe over a number of years of use. This is caused by the accidity in the urine causing the calcification. I thought the easiest clogged toilet solutions would to just replace the pipe. Job done.
Not that easy. After buying a new length of pipe found the existing pipe had been encased in spray foam insulation under the bathroom floorboards. That would mean lifting the tiled floorboards. What a mission. I then Googled "unclog toilet" and "blocked toilet" Couldn't find any suitable clogged toilet solutions so decidedd to started talking to friends of mine around the marina where I am moored. Found some knowledgable characters around here who gave me the perfect clogged toilet solutions to solve my problem. Worked like a dream. Simple hassle free clogged toilet fix method. Hence why I thought to to create this page to share the toilet drain cleaner method with others facing the same headace.

Unclog toilet cleaner

Easy, simple, effective eco friendly

Toilet Drain Cleaner

Buy distilled malt vinegar from your local store.
It's that easy, simple and straight forward.

This is what I did, which worked wonders. Saved me from having to replace the entire pipe.
If the toilet is totally blocked, then empty out as much of the contents in the bowl as possible first, then pour 2 bottles of vinegar into the toilet bowl and leave for 12-24 hours to work it's magic.
N.B.: I've heard it said if vinegar comes into contact with metal coponents for too long it could eat up and damage certain parts. So keep trying from time to time to get it flushed through as soon as possible.

Here is another product to help with the vinegar at the same time which makes the unblocking even more effective.

Unclog Toilet

unblock toilet

Clogged Toilet Solutions:

Use Bicarbonate of Soda added to the vinegar. This works really well as a toilet drain cleaner. I would suggest adding little amounts at a time in the clogged toilet bowl. I made such a mess of my kitchen on the boat. Really!!!  I added in quite a bit of Bicarb into a bowl then added the vinegar. It errupted all over the place. What a mess. Idiot.
Didn't see that coming :-)
What the Bicarb does is it aggetates and loosens everything up inside the clogged toilet.
Lovely image in your head now :-)

Should ease up and clear blocked toilet for you.

Hope it all works for you.
Good luck.

Prevention is always better than cure! Right??

Once you have your boat toilet all working again, YOU DON'T WANT TO REPLEAT all the steps involved above. Simply install one of our magnetic limescale prevention units.

Unique Design
Simply spread the casing open, then slip it over the pipe.

Magnetic water treatment and conditioner

 No cutting of any pipes
             which means, no plumber expences needed

Quick and Easy DIY Installation
Just "CLIP-ON". No Tools
Easy, takes a few seconds and you're done

In fact, if you ever sell your boat, simply unclip the unit and take it with you to install in your new boat. That's how easy it is.

2 sizes to choose from
MLE 25-38 and
MLE 38-64

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Magnetic water softener online purchasing

Magnetic water conditioner has a lifetime guarantee. 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied

Magnetic Water Treatment - Conditioner

Limescale Preventer

Built To Last, FOREVER
Every Home Should Have One

All the BENEFITS. All in one Product:

Water Softener SystemMagnetic Water Softener System
Magnetic water softening De-Scaling lime-scale buildup in your home

Lime scale remover13 - 34% increase in Crop/Lawn/Garden growth boost
Health benefits from drinking Magnetised WaterHealth benefits from drinking Magnetised Water

Stops further lime scale buildup, INSTANTLY

Dissolves limescale permanently, FOREVER

De-scaling Starts Immediately
right after installation

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Where to buy magnetic water softeners

Fit it & Forget it

Magnetic Water Treatment

Zero Running & Maintenance Costs

Quick and Easy DIY Installation
Installs within seconds

Just "CLIP-ON". No Tools
Unique - Copy Right protected design


Image on the right shows how lime sale has built up around a water heater eMagnetic lime scale remover lement found in washing machines, dish washers, kettles, boilers (hot water heaters) This limescale buildup drastically reduces the efficiency of the heater element having to heat up the limescale around the element first before heating up the water, substantially increasing one's electricity bills but also puts strain on the heater element causing unnecessary early failure of the element.

Magnetic water treament - conditionerLifetime Guarantee
We use the most powerful Neodymium
magnets available on earth, which last a lifetime. Neodymium magnets loose their magnetism by 0.01% per annum

That's 1% loss of Magnetic Energy every 10 years
Our Magnets Last a Lifetime

"Keep your appliances free of Limescale"

Installation of the unit pays for itself over time
through electricity and appliance/boiler maintenance savings

Magnetic lime scale remover technology

Image showing lime scale buildup over years of untreated water. Slowly restricting the water flow but SO unhealthy drinking from this supply of water.
Our Magnetic Water Descalers stop limescale buildup IMMEDIATELY, right after installation

No cutting of your water supply pipe
(If you look closely at the images, you will see our units are split in half to clip onto your water pipe)
See magnetic water descaler installation steps

No Plumber needed
Easy and Simple to Install
  Installs within seconds
DIY "CLIP-ON" installation

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Where to buy magnetic water descalers

Which Magnetic Water Softener is Best?

Some magnetic water softeners work, others don't
Magnetic water softener technology
We Guarantee Results, using our Magnetic Water Conditioners, or your money back.

To the left shows one of many magnetic configurations, "used by other companies"
If you shop around you will find we are not the cheapest but, we use top of the range, most powerful Neodymium magnets in the world which means, you only need 1 unit per household. Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
Our magnets last a lifetime (Many of our competitors recommend using more than 1 unit plus they use Ferret magnets which don't last [need replacing every 8-10 years] and don't have much energy) These magnetic lime scale remover configurations (shown in the image above) do not work nearly as well, if at all. [giving our industry a bad reputation]
Then you need to look into the design of the unit too.
We spent 15 years of R&D (Research Benefits of Magnetic Water treatment - conditioners& Development)
finding the best design and results.
(In fact, we never stop running tests and finding further improvements to our products) Very important to have the magnetic fields pointing in the correct direction plus the positioning of the magnets to have total overlap of the magnetic fields to penetrate right through the passing water to ensure complete magnetization.

Benefits after installing a Magnetic Water Descaler

Over a period of time limescale deposit is dissolved/removed through the effects of the magnetic water treatment conditioner which in turn improves the heating efficiency of the heater elements due to less limescale deposit on the heater elements, reducing electricity consumption over time. The same effect is also observed on water pipes as well.
The installation of the unit will obviously pay for itself over a period of time, plus, increasing the lifespan of your water heater elements.

Magnetic water treatment / conditioner advanced technology

Chemical and Additive Free
Magnetic Water Treatment - Conditioner

We recommend -
Only 1 unit per property required

The unique design of our magnetic water treatment conditioner units allow for a range of pipe sizes to work on each unit.     Check size before ordering.

New Developments in the making/testing phase
1. We working on developing a new maintenance free, self flushing, self cleaning water filtration system to remove limescale deposits within the mains water supply, after our Magnetic Water Descaler units.
This will soften the water by removing the lime scale from the water
2. Growth enhancing properties to boost crop growth by 13 - 34% increase in harvest results. Perfect for lawn and garden growth boost
3. Swimming pool water ph balancing. Which means far less chlorine usage.
Far healthier and reduced monthly costs 
Magnetic Limescale Eliminator

Image to the right,
showing a microscopic photo of untreated water with hardness of 140 ppm (Parts Per Million) magnified 400x

The next picture shows the effects after the water passes through the magnetic water treatment conditioner unit

Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm before magnetic water treatment conditioner

Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm after magnetic water treatment conditionerImage to the right,
showing a microscopic photo of the same water after Magnetic Water Softening Treatment applied. Magnified 400x

Picture shows magnetized particles clustered together, keeping them in suspension and lowering the surface tension of the water. (Held in suspension for ± 200 hours / 8 days)
This magnetised action prevents further lime scale buildup as-well-as, slowly, over time, removing the old existing lime scale deposits in your water system by brushing against existing lime scale deposits, while magnetically energising the surface layer of limescale deposit, then reversing the process, dislodging and totally flushed out all traces of lime scale in the system over time.
(To flush out all traces of lime scale in the system will be totally dependent on how much deposit there is in the system to start with. This process WILL start with immediate effect right after installation of one of our units)

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Magnetic water softener suppliers

How does a water softener work

How does magnetising water
stop lime scale buildup?

Just to explain; Our magnetic limescale eliminators do not remove the limescale from the water as such, it merely suspends the lime scale particles, preventing it from sticking to the walls of the pipes and heater elements. This happens immediately after installation and at the same time giving off part to its magnetic energy when rubbing against the wall of the pipes and dislodging the existing lime scale build up over a period of time depending on how much lime scale deposit has built up.

Softening Treatment Systems

From extensive research in excess of 15 years in this field, we found over 96% of all magnetic water softening treatment systems sold to treat water or fuels using magnetic fields, use these cross-flow configurations. We would also say with confidence and proof, these magnetic water softening treatment configurations produce far weaker results in comparison to our extensively researched and tested design, which was eventually patented after many years of research and development. Evidence, Proof and Facts

Limescale Prevention - Lime Scale Remover

Patent Rights
We were so impressed with this amazing limescale prevention product, we bought the patent rights to manufacture and market these lime scale remover products internationally, which we have successfully been doing since 2004. Making further improvements to the product over the years through our own R&D efforts.

Magnetic water treatment / conditioner Installation. Salt free water softener. Scale inhibitor

Magnetic Water Softening System

  Magnetic Water Conditioning

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Benefits installing our Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems are many and varied
  • 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee, simply contact us. Which means, peace of mind for all our customers
  • Lifetime guarantee on all our products (Top grade neodymium magnets used)
  • Improves plant/crop growth by up to 34% when using magnetised water
  • Zero running costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Very low purchase cost
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation (No technical knowledge required to fit the unit yourself) Installs within seconds. Just clip the unit in place, and your done. It's that easy
  • Prevention and reducing lime scale buildup within all water pipes immediately after installation. Which includes reducing lime scale buildup around water heating elements in your appliances.
  • Eventually removing all traces of lime scale in your entire water system.
  • Which means, cutting down on costly repairs and replacement of water heater elements in all your appliances. Boilers, power showers, shower heads, dish washer & clothes washing machines, coffee makers, kettles, irons .....
  • Reducing your electricity bill. Once the lime scale has been removed, the water heating elements do not have to heat the water through the layer of lime scale, dramatically improving efficiency and lifespan of the elementsSee electricity consumption chart
  • Stops shower heads from scaling up
  • Water Conditioning has been laboratory tested and proven to help alleviate skin inflammation for people suffering from eczema

Additional benefits after installation of Magnetic Water Conditioner

Improved crop yield through
magnetised water

by 10 - 33% after installation of Magnetic Water Conditioner
Quotes from tests run by:

Health Effects from Magnetised Water

Research carried out by NASA has demonstrated that astronauts who are cut off from the earth's magnetic field develop significant health problems which can be prevented by providing an artificial magnetic field within the space capsule. Read more.....
(To view, copy and paste above url into your brouwser)

Health benefits through drinking magnetised water

(To view, copy and paste above url into your brouwser)

  • Thins out your blood, improving blood circulation
  • Balances your PH level (less acidic) Healthier for you
  • Gets rid of Yeast and cures Athlete's Foot

Reviews - Testimonials
Mr Isaiah Lungu - Zambia
We've already noticed the change; no scale seems to form in the kettle. We have installed the unit outside, how do they fair in rainfall. Should we cover them?

Hi there. No problem with rain. The magnets have been nickel coated. No corrosion. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.

Ingrid: Manager/owner ToftShop.co.uk 
Since installing one of your units I have been keeping an eye on our kettle from time to time to see if there are any improvements in reducing the lime scale buildup. The descaling doesn't work as fast as I was hoping for but it certainly is working. I'm impressed with the results thus far so over a period of time our water system should be flushed out.
The installation was so easy I installed it myself.

Thank you for safe delivery. 
The result is obvious, just as I expected. We have been in this new build home for 18months. The chalk buildup was evident very early on, but I had no time to address it. 
Already, the metal sink surface has been cleared, and cleaned of limescale. In particular, hot drinks have a cleaner taste - as though the water is a separate layer being tasted, allowing the flavours greater exposure. really great.
So thank you for the 15+ years of research. The result is worth it.
Kind regards
Clive Walters


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Unclog Toilet

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