Magnetic water conditioner

Magnetic Limescale Eliminators

Lifetime Guarantee, on all our products    
Money-Back Guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied

Our products have a lifetime guarantee. 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied

Magnetic Scale Inhibitor
Limescale Preventer

Stops further lime scale buildup, instantly. 
Dissolves limescale permanently, FOREVER

Magnetic limescale eliminator

De-scaling Starts Immediately
right after installation

Fit it & Forget it
Zero Running & Maintenance Costs
Just add water

Quick and Easy DIY Installation
Installs within seconds

Just "CLIP-ON". No Tools

Lifetime Guarantee
We use the most powerful Neodymium magnets available on earth, which last a lifetime. Neodymium magnets lose their magnetism by 0.01% per annum. That's 1% loss every 10 years.

The installation of the unit,
pays for itself over a short period of time

Over a period of time the lime scale is dissolved/removed which in turn improves the heating efficiency of the heater elements due to less limescale deposit on the heater elements, reducing electricity consumption over time. The installation of the unit will obviously pay for itself over a period of time, plus, increasing the lifespan of your water heater elements.

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Chemical and Additive Free Water Softener

We recommend -
Only one unit per property required

Permanent limescale remover

Our unique design allows for a range of pipe sizes to work on each unit.
Check size before ordering.

Inline Water Softener

Over 15 years R&D (Research & Development) testing our technology

Magnetic Limescale Eliminator

How do magnetic water de-scalers work?
How does magnetising water
stop lime scale buildup?

Image to the right,
showing a microscopic photo of untreated water with hardness of 140 ppm (Parts Per Million) magnified 400x

No cutting of mains water supply pipe
Easy and Simple to Install
  Installs within seconds
DIY "CLIP-ON" installation

Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm before magnetic treatment

Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm after magnetic treatmentImage to the right,
showing a microscopic photo of the same water after Magnetic Water Softening Treatment applied. Magnified 400x

Picture shows magnetized particles clustered together, keeping them in suspension and lowering the surface tension of the water. (Held in suspension for ± 200 hours / 8 days)
This magnetised action prevents further lime scale buildup as-well-as, slowly, over time, removing the old existing lime scale deposits in your water system by brushing against existing lime scale deposits, while magnetically energising the surface layer of limescale deposit, then reversing the process, dislodging and totally flushed out all traces of lime scale in the system over time.
(To flush out all traces of lime scale in the system will be totally dependent on how much deposit there is in the system to start with. This process WILL start with immediate effect right after installation of one of our units)

How does, Magnetic Water Descaling work?

Just to explain; Our magnetic limescale eliminators do not remove the limescale from the water as such, it merely suspends the lime scale particles, preventing it from sticking to the walls of the pipes and heater elements. This happens immediately after installation and at the same time giving off part to its magnetic energy when rubbing against the wall of the pipes and dislodging the existing lime scale build up over a period of time depending on how much lime scale deposit has built up.

Magnetic Water Conditioner. Do they work?

Not all Magnetic Water Conditioners are created equal

One example of many configurations shown here. Not all Magnetic Water Softeners are created the sameWe guarantee results, using our Magnetic Water Softeners, or your money back.

To the left shows one of many magnetic configurations, used by other companies

Magnetic Limescale Remover

Some companies sell magnetic limescale remover systems designed to have their magnets placed in the mounting frame so they may either oppose or attract each other. (Example shown in the image to the left) These magnetic lime scale remover configurations do not work nearly as well as our tested design, plus, we use the most powerful Neodymium magnets available in all our units. Most of our opposition use cheap Ferrite magnets, which don't last.

Softening Treatment Systems

From extensive research in excess of 15 years in this field, we found over 96% of all magnetic water softening treatment systems sold to treat water or fuels using magnetic fields, use these cross-flow configurations. We would also say with confidence and proof, these magnetic water softening treatment configurations produce far weaker results in comparison to our extensively researched and tested design, which was eventually patented after many years of research and development. Evidence, Proof and Facts

Limescale Prevention - Lime Scale Remover

Patent Rights
We were so impressed with this amazing limescale prevention product, we bought the patent rights to manufacture and market these lime scale remover products internationally, which we have successfully been doing since 2004. Making further improvements to the product over the years through our own R&D efforts.

Magnetic Water Softener Installation. Salt free water softener. Scale inhibitor

Magnetic Water Softening System

Magnetic Water Conditioning

Benefits installing our Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems are many and varied
  • 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee through PayPal, or simply contact us. Which means, peace of mind for all our customers
  • Zero running costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Very low purchase cost
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation (No technical knowledge required to fit the unit yourself) Installs within seconds. Just clip the unit in place, and your done. It's that easy
  • Prevention and reducing lime scale buildup within all water pipes immediately after installation. Which includes reducing lime scale buildup around water heating elements in your appliances.
  • Lifetime guarantee on all our products (Top grade neodymium magnets used)
  • Eventually removing all traces of lime scale in your entire water system.
  • Which means, cutting down on costly repairs and replacement of water heater elements in all your appliances. Boilers, power showers, shower heads, dish washer & clothes washing machines, coffee makers, kettles, irons .....
  • Reducing your electricity bill. Once the lime scale has been removed, the water heating elements do not have to heat the water through the layer of lime scale, dramatically improving efficiency and lifespan of the elementsSee electricity consumption chart
  • Improves plant growth when watering your plants 
  • Far less detergents needed for cleaning and washing
  • Reducing lime scale staining in toilets
  • Stops shower heads from scaling up
  • Water Softening has been laboratory tested and proven to help alleviate skin inflammation for people suffering from eczema
  • Your water will feel softer
  • Bath bubbles will last far longer
    The list goes on .....

Questions and Answers

Permanent Magnet Water Softeners to Eliminate Hard Water and Lime scale Calcification through Totally Green, Non-Chemical Technology. Technology for improving energy efficiency through the removal and permanent prevention of lime scale (calcium carbonate)build-up in water pipes, around water heater elements and appliances.

Additional benefits after installation of Magnetic Water Conditioner

Improved crop yield through
magnetised water

by 10 - 33% after installation of Magnetic Water Conditioner
Quotes from tests run by:

Health Effects from Magnetised Water

Research carried out by NASA has demonstrated that astronauts who are cut off from the earth's magnetic field develop significant health problems which can be prevented by providing an artificial magnetic field within the space capsule. Read more...
(Opens up in a new window)

Eczema Sufferers
Water Softeners have been Laboratory tested and proven to help alleviate skin inflammation for people suffering from eczema.
Quotes from tests run by:

Health benefits through drinking magnetised water

  • Thins out your blood, improving blood circulation
  • Balances your PH level (less acidic) Healthier for you
  • Gets rid of Yeast and cures Athlete's Foot

Mr Isaiah Lungu - Zambia
We've already noticed the change; no scale seems to form in the kettle. We have installed the unit outside, how do they fair in rainfall. Should we cover them?

Hi there. No problem with rain. The magnets have been nickel coated. No corrosion. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.

Ingrid: Manager/owner 
Since installing one of your units I have been keeping an eye on our kettle from time to time to see if there are any improvements in reducing the lime scale buildup. The descaling doesn't work as fast as I was hoping for but it certainly is working. I'm impressed with the results thus far so over a period of time our water system should be flushed out.
The installation was so easy I installed it myself.

 No cutting
of your water supply pipe 
Quick and Easy DIY Installation
Just "CLIP-ON". No Tools

Magnetic water softener installation

Unique Design
Simply spread open the casing, then slip it over the pipe.
Easy, takes a few seconds
and you're done
  Our standard domestic unit 
Magnetic water softening technology

MLE 15 - 25mm (1/2" - 1")

3 rows of magnets @ 45,000 Guass
Guass per row = 15,000

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 55 x 60mm long

£97  Includes postage and packaging, anywhere in the world through Royal Mail

Buy water softener
Magnetic water softening solutions

Magnetic water softening technology

MLE 25 - 38mm (1" - 1.5")

4 rows of magnets @ 60,000 Guass
Guass per row = 15,000

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 55 x 60mm long

£117 Includes postage andpackaging, anywhere in the world through Royal Mail

Buy water softener
Magnetic water softening solutions

Magnetic limescale inhibitor

MLE 38 - 50mm (1.5" - 2")

5 rows of magnets @100 ,000 Guass
Guass per row = 20,000

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 68 x 80mm long

£137 Includes postage and packaging anywhere in the world through Royal Mail

Buy water softener
Magnetic water softening solutions

water softening magnet

MLE 50 - 63mm (2" - 2.5")

6 rows of magnets @ 150,000 Guass
Guass per row = 25,000

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 83 x 100mm long

£257 Includes postage and packaging anywhere in the world through Royal Mail

Buy water softener
Magnetic water softening solutions

Water Softener Installation
How to work out the diameter
of your mains water supply pipe
How to find the mains water 
inlet pipe in your home

Limescale free kettle

You eventually end up with a limescale free kettle.
Click on image to enlarge
Permanent Limescale Remover

Kettle before Magnetic Water Softening unit installation

Kettle after 3.5 years of limescale buildup. Kettle before Magnetic Water Softner installation. 

Click on image to enlarge
(Permanent Limescale Remover)Kettle condition 4 weeks after Magnetic Water Softener installation

Results above, showing descaling a kettle 4 weeks after installing a Magnetic Water Softening unit.

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