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Permanent Water Descaling. Magnetic water softening for water hardness.
Dissolve limescale away, FOREVER. Salt free water Softener.

Inline Water Softener. Water Softener Installation

Magnetic Water Softener Installation. Salt free water softener. Scale inhibitor
Easy. Just "CLIP-ON". No tools
Water Softener Installation

Permanent limescale remover

Our products have a lifetime guarantee. 60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied
Lifetime Guarantee,
on all our products.

Money-Back Guarantee if you're not totally satisfied

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Additional benefits after installation of Magnetic Unit

Improved crop yield through magnetized water

by 10 - 33% after installation of Water Magnetizer Unit 
Quotes from tests run by:

Mr Isaiah Lungu - Zambia
We've already noticed the change; no scale seems to form in the kettle. We have installed the unit outside, how do they fair in rainfall. Should we cover them?

Hi there. No problem with rain. The magnets have been nickel coated. No corrosion. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.

How to work out the diameter
of your mains water supply pipe

How to find the mains water 
inlet pipe in your home

Eco Water Softener
Simple Green Limescale Remover
Eco Friendly
Magnetic Water Softening Technology

  • Stop Limescale
  • Limescale Preventer
  • Limescale Prevention
  • Limescale Protection
  • Limescale Reducer
  • Limescale Reduction
  • Saltless water softener
  • Additive Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Maintenance Free
  • Zero running costs
  • Zero electronics
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Proven, Tested Technology
  • Stops further lime scale buildup instantly
  • Slowly reduces existing lime scale in your system
  • Reduces your energy and maintenance costs as your system and appliances are slowly cleaned out
  • No water needed to flush out the system. Which means, no water wastage


Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm before magnetic treatment
Microscopic photo of untreated water with hardness of 140 ppm, magnified 400x

Microscoptic photo showing water with 140 ppm after magnetic treatment

Microscopic photo of the same water after Magnetic Water Softening Treatment applied. Magnified 400x
Picture shows magnetized particles clustered together, keeping them in suspension and lowering the surface tension of the water.

Patented Product
The information used to design our magnetic units are from extensive testing over many years. The information gathered to perfect this Permanent Magnet Water Softener-Descaler Technology was eventually patented.

Not all Magnetic Water Softening Systems are Created Equal

In spite of these discoveries, 96% of manufacturers marketing Magnetic Water Treatment Devices, still do NOT use this patented magnetic configuration.

Health Effects from Magnetized Water

Research carried out by NASA has demonstrated that astronauts who are cut off from the earth's magnetic field develop significant health problems which can be prevented by providing an artificial magnetic field within the space capsule. Read more...
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Eczema Sufferers
Water Softeners have been Laboratory tested and proven to help alleviate skin inflammation for people suffering from eczema.  

Will Neodymium magnets lose strength over time?

Very little in fact. Neodymium magnets are the strongest and most permanent magnets on earth, as long as they are not subjected to over heating or damage, neodymium magnets lose less than 1% of their strength over a period of 10 years. Not even when they are held in repel or attract positions with other magnets over long periods of time.

Magnetic Limescale Eliminator - Magnetic Water Conditioning

Stops further lime scale buildup, instantly. 
Dissolve limescale permanently, FOREVER

Magnetic Limescale Remover

LimeScale Remover. Limescale Prevention
Softening Treatment Systems. Lifetime Guarantee
Zero running & maintenance costs. Chemical and Additive Free

Manufacturers and distributors of magnetic lime scale removal devices to remove lime scale from water systems in domestic and commercial applications.

Water Softener Magnetic Lime Scale Inhibitor Magnetic Limescale Eliminators

No cutting of your mains water supply pipe required
Easy and simple,
 1 minute DIY "CLIP-ON" installation

Over 15 years of R&D, (Research & Development) testing our technology

Questions and Answers

Permanent Magnet Water Softeners to Eliminate Hard Water and Lime scale Calcification through Totally Green, Non-Chemical Technology. Technology for improving energy efficiency through the removal and permanent prevention of lime scale (calcium carbonate) build-up in water pipes, around water heater elements and appliances.

Hard Water Problems

Hard water problems solved naturally.
Once you have installed one of our Magnetic Water Softening Units, you won't ever need another.

Our Magnetic Water Softening System will take care of all your water descaling requirements permanently, forever.

Lifetime Guarantee on all our products. 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee through PayPal or, simply contact us direct.

Only one unit per property required

Magnetic Limescale Eliminator

Manufactured and Marketed by
Ingwe Solutions Ltd.

MLE 15-25(1/2"-1") £95

MLE 25-38(1"-1.5") £118
MLE 38-50(1.5"-2") £138
Click drop-down menu above to get different sizes and quantities ordered
  Price Includes Postage & Packaging (anywhere in the world)
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Magnetic water softening solutions

Magnetic limescale eliminator

MLE 15 - 25mm unit
1/2" - 1"

4 rows of magnets @ 15,840
Guass per row = 63,360 Guass

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 55 x 50mm long

£95  Including postage and packaging anywhere in the world

Magnetic limescale remover

MLE 25 - 38mm unit
1" - 1.5"

5 rows of magnets @ 23,760
Guass per row=118,800 Guass

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 55 x 60mm long

£118 Including postage and packaging anywhere in the world

Magnetic water softener

MLE 38 - 50mm unit
1.5" - 2"

6 rows of magnets @ 31,680
Guass per row=190,080 Guass

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 68 x 70mm long

£138 Including postage and packaging anywhere in the world

Magnetic Limescale Softening

MLE 50 - 63mm unit
2" - 2.5"

8 rows of magnets @ 23,760
Guass per row=142,560 Guass

Dimensions of unit:
Diameter 83 x 100mm long

£258 Including postage and packaging anywhere in the world

Magnetic Water Conditioner - do they work?

Not all Magnetic Water Conditioners are created equal

One example of many configurations shown here. Not all Magnetic Water Softeners are created the sameWe guarantee results, using our Magnetic Water Softeners, or your money back. 
Some companies sell magnetic water treatment systems designed to have their magnets placed in the mounting frame so they may either oppose or attract each other. (Example shown in the image to the left) These configurations will have slightly different benefits as shown in the picture further down below.
From research we have done in this field, we would estimate over 96% of all magnets sold to treat water or fuels using magnetic fields, use these cross-flow configurations. We would also say with confidence and proof, these configurations produce far weaker results in comparison to our extensively researched and tested design, which was eventually patented after many years of research and development.
Evidence, Proof and Facts

Image to the left, showing one of many different magnetic configurations used by other companies

Benefits of installing our Magnetic Water Softening System are many and varied

  • Lifetime guarantee on all our products
  • 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee through PayPal, or simply contact us. Which means, peace of mind for all our customers
  • Zero running costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Very low purchase cost
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation (No technical knowledge required to fit the unit yourself)
  • Less than 5 minutes to install. Just clip the unit in place, and your done. It's that easy
  • Prevention and reducing limescale build up within all water pipes immediately after installation. Which includes reducing lime scale buildup around water heating elements in your appliances.
    Eventually removing all traces of lime scale in your entire water system.
  • Which means, cutting down on costly repairs and replacement of water heater elements in all your appliances. Boilers, power showers, shower heads, dish & clothes washing machines, coffee makers, kettles, irons .....
  • Reducing your electricity bill (Once the lime scale has been removed, the water heating elements do not have to heat the water through the layer of lime scale, dramatically improving efficiency and lifespan of the elementsSee electricity consumption chart further down below
  • Improves plant growth when watering your plants 
  • Far less detergents needed for cleaning and washing
  • Reducing limescale staining in toilets
  • Stops shower heads from scaling up
  • Water Softening has been laboratory tested and proven to help alleviate skin inflammation for people suffering from eczema
  • Your water will feel softer
  • Bath bubbles will last far longer
    The list goes on .....

How Do Water Softeners Work?

How does, magnetizing water to reduce mineral scale in water heating appliances and boilers work?

One citation refers to the work of Professor Simon Parsons, of Cranfield University in the UK, who found that calcium crystals dissolved in water, exposed to a magnetic field, changed from the cubic structure responsible for scale formation into a spherical structure which does not form scale. (As shown in the pictures to the left) Some of these effects were seen to persist for up to 200 hours after magnetic treatment (over 8 days).

What this means is, the particles are charged with a magnetic field which causes them to cluster together. (As shown in the pictures to the left) Preventing further scale formation. But at the same time, brushing up against existing scale formations within your water system, these clusters release some of their charged energy, slowly breaking down the scale already formed on the pipes and heater elements. Thus slowly cleaning out your water system over a period of time, depending on how much scale build-up you already have within your system.

Magnetic Water Softener Treatment Systems

Magnetized Water

After installing our Magnetic Water Softener - Descaler, will the magnetized water test for less hardness?

Tests will show the same levels of water hardness as before.
We are not adding, or removing anything from the water.
The magnetic treatment magnetizes all the particles, causing the dissolved minerals to cluster together, keeping them in suspension and lowering the surface tension of the water (as shown by the pictures in the left column of this web page) thus preventing the lime scale calcium carbonate from accumulating on the walls of your water pipes and heater elements, as well as
reducing existing lime scale deposits over time.
The magnetic effect on the water does however make the water feel softer.

How will you know, if our Magnetic Water Softener - Descaler System is working after installation?

We encourage you to take a photograph of the inside of your kettle, before installation of our Magnetic Water Softener - Descaler Unit. This is the most effective way of testing to see the results of your water softening unit working.
Then take a photograph every 2 weeks after installation to notice the lime scale removal, as show in the example on our website. You will experience the same results, no matter where you are in the world. 
By monitoring your kettle, will give you an idea as to how well your new Magnetic Water Softening - De-scaler System is working. Cleaning out your entire water system in your home or business over time.
Another reason to monitor your kettle is, we give a "60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee" to comply with our Customer Satisfaction Policy. We want you to be totally satisfied with what we claim our Magnetic Water Softener - De-scaler will do for you.  

Other noticeable differences are listed in the benefits list above.

Energy saving table, showing the effects of lime scale buildup in your water systemEnergy consumption chart, showing how lime scale buildup dramatically effects your heating bills

How lime scale buildup in the water systems of our homes and businesses, can dramatically be reduced over a relatively short period of time by installing one of our Magnetic Water Softeners. Since the thicker the scale buildup on the water heater elements of your boiler and various appliances, the more energy will be required to heat the water.
In Table 1, to the left, these figures are shown. The table shows the energy efficiency of an older water heater with just 1/8" (3mm) of scale around heater elements can be made 25% more efficient if that scale was removed by treating the water properly through one of our Magnetic Water Softening Treatment Units, to descale your system. This also means your appliances will last longer.

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices are not new technology

These discoveries have been around for decades.
The problems is: simply strapping a magnet to the side of a water pipe won't give you the results you would expect to see. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there selling magnetic water softener-descalers which do not work as expected, causing doubt in people's minds about the validity of this
well documented and successful technology.

Permanent Limescale Remover

Magnetic limescale eliminator

Fit it & Forget it
Zero Running & Maintenance Costs
Just add water

Additional benefits after installation of Magnetic Unit

Health benefits through
drinking magnetized water

  • Thins out your blood, improving blood circulation
  • Balances your PH level (less acidic) Healthier for you
  • Gets rid of Yeast and cures Athlete's Foot

    Quotes from tests run by:


Dishwasher Water Softener

Washing machine limescale buildup

Below shows a dish washer heater element after 18 months of use after installation of a magnetic limescale inhibitor. See the top of the stainless steel is still shiny clean, with the lower part of the element showing only a very thin layer of surface lime scale. So thin I lightly ran my finger nail across the surface and scraped it off.

Permanent Magnet Lime Scale Remover

We've used the example below showing how your entire home, or industrial / commercial plumbing system, will be completely descaled. Appliances-boiler-pipes etc..

Limescale free kettle

You eventually end up with a limescale free kettle.
Click on image to enlarge for Proof

(Permanent Limescale Remover

Kettle before Magnetic Water Softening unit installation

Kettle after 3.5 years of limescale buildup. Descaling a kettle before Magnetic Water Softner installation. 

Click on image to enlarge for Proof
(Permanent Limescale Remover)Kettle condition 4 weeks after Magnetic Water Softener installation

Results descaling a kettle, 4 weeks after installing a Magnetic Water Softening unit.

We were so impressed with the results after installing one of these Magnetic Water Softening - Descaler Units ... we bought the patent rights to use this amazing technology to manufacture and internationally distribute these units.


Affordable water softeners from the Best Magnetic Water Softener Suppliers.
Hard Water, Softening & De-scaling Solutions

Evidence, Proof and Facts showing how well our technology works

Technical research on our Permanent Magnet Water Softener, Descaler design
Our Magnetic Water Softener, Descaler design was extensively tested over a period of 15 years and now used by the United States Federal sector.
Here is a full technical report on "
Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control" from a publication series, designed to speed the adoption energy-efficient and renewable technologies in the United States Federal sector.

This means the Department of Energy had researched this information, determined it was accurate, and encouraged other government departments to adopt the use of these technologies to save the government money.

It is no co-incidence the US Federal Government, and the Department of Energy in particular, has published a report specifying that magnetic fields can be used to "soften water" and to remove mineral deposits from pipes and heaters. This specific technology of applying magnetic fields to liquids is recognized, and reported to..... Read More

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