Magnetic Water Softening

Magnetic LimeScale Inhibitor - Limescale Preventer

The Name Says It All

Permanent Water Descaling. Magnetic water softening for water hardness.
Dissolve limescale away, FOREVER. Saltless water Softener.

LimeScale Remover. Limescale Prevention
Softening Treatment Systems. Lifetime Guarantee
Zero running & maintenance costs. Chemical and Additive Free

Magnetic Water Softener Installation. Salt free water softener. Scale inhibitor
Easy. Just "CLIP-ON". No tools

Lifetime Guarantee,
on all our products.

Money-Back Guarantee if you're not totally satisfied

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Eco Water Softener
Simple Green
Limescale Remover

Eco Friendly
Magnetic Water Treatment Technology

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Contact: Deon van Rooyen
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Magnetic Lime Scale Eliminator

Magnetic water descaling

Cost Includes Postage and Packaging, anywhere in the world.

Permanent Lime scale Remover
Fit it & Forget it
Zero Running & Maintenance Costs

Just add water

Below shows a dish washer heater element after 18 months of everyday use. See the top of the stainless steel is still shiny clean, with the lower part of the element showing only a very thin layer of lime scale. So thin I lightly ran my finger nail across the surface and rubbed it off.
Permanent Magnet Lime Scale Remover

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Magnetic Water Treatment Installation
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Permanent magnetic limescale remover
Magnetic Water Conditioner  Manufacturer:

are based at:
147 High Street
Arlesey, Bedfordshire

United Kingdom
Contact: Deon van Rooyen
Tel:        +44(0)333 666 3213
Mobile: +44(0)7745 775 212

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